Mission Statement

Damon House Inc. was formed to establish, operate and maintain a residential and outpatient program for those suffering with substance abuse disorder and drug dependence and to rehabilitate those persons.  In addition it was formed to encourage people with substance abuse disorder to seek treatment and to aid them in independent living. Damon House also seeks to enhance public awareness of the nature and effects of the illicit use of drugs and to stimulate public interest in the benefits of prevention of addiction and the benefits of treatment and re-socialization of addicts.

Damon House Philosophy

 The ability to conquer and succeed is within the reach of every man and woman. No man is created without the power to help himself. We all have hidden potentials and talents and if they are not evident it is because we fail to probe within ourselves to discover them. We must acknowledge and bring forth our inexhaustible potentials for without this acknowledgement we will never be able to attain a full understanding of our true capabilities. 

The forbidden fruit of destruction has influenced and poisoned our mind until we no longer exercise our power of a thinking being. We have lost all values in life and in ourselves. With effort and genuine determination we can discover an antidote for the poisoned and corrupt pattern of thinking which influenced us to go astray. 

 We must and will learn to condition ourselves to face the inevitable responsibilities of reality. It is a natural gift for every man to be the molder and maker of his future. It is the power of choice to be whatever we limit ourselves to be.
If we fail, it will be done while we are trying to succeed. We must begin to view our failures as if they were stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks. This isn't just a mere obstacle or a new challenge. It is our final chance to be what we were meant to be. Responsible and productive individuals we have suppressed for such a long time. With every ounce  determination we must say within ourselves 
“I can and will succeed!”