Community Outreach and Events

The main objective of the Damon House Inc. mission is to provide care in a structured environment for those suffering from drug dependence. One way that Damon House seeks to maintain the dignity of clients during the community reintegration process is to expose them to normal day-to-day events that they will encounter following completion of the program. Some examples of events clients participate in are trips to college football games, minor league baseball games, and picnics. These events challenge clients to overcome societal triggers that they will face and reinforces the notion that fun can be had without the need for drugs and alcohol.

In addition to providing services to those suffering from substance abuse disorders, Damon House Inc. also seeks to enhance public awareness and to stimulate public interest in the benefits of treatment through resocialization of clients. To achieve this goal, we have partnered with organizations to which clients are able to provide meaningful service back to the community. This requires clients to assume the roles of responsible and productive individuals and helps with the transition from Damon House back into society a smoother with longer lasting effects.