Damon House FAQs

Q. What do I do when I receive court notices while my family member is in treatment at  Damon House?

A. It would be best to contact the court manager regarding the family member’s presence at Damon House since there is a 30 day period where he or she cannot attend court.

Q. What items should I bring to Damon House?

A. All information regarding admission can be found here (links to intake/admissions)

Q. What should I expect when coming to Damon House ?

A. There is a urine drug screen (UDS) required upon admission. Medical and psychiatric evaluations are done within one week of your admission.  Within the first 72 hours, you will be allowed to make a phone call to a family member if there are any items that you would like for them to drop off for you. Aside from that initial phone call, there is no phone calls to family members for the first 14 days. During that time, your family can be updated through contact with your counselor.